Wonderpush notifications don't work properly after clearing cache

I’ve been testing Wonderpush notifications on my blog roughstraightmen.com (attention - NSFW) for the past 7 days or so, and I’ve noticed some problems.

For example,

  1. Let’s say I have a user “Bob” on Chrome which I use for testing purposes. I switch to that user, go to my blog, and subscribe to notifications. Then at some point in time I decide to unsubscribe from notifications by clicking the bell icon and pressing unsubscribe. The bell icon says “you won’t receive any notifications”, and “You are not receiving any notifications” whenever I hover over it. So far so good, but… if I clear the browsing data (Tools -> Clear browsing data), and then I revisit my blog, I will be presented with the dialog box which asks me whether I want to subscribe to the notifications AND at the bottom near the bell icon I will see the briefly displayed message “Thanks for subscribing!” - before I had the chance to choose between “Subscribe” and “Later” in the dialog box. And no matter which option I select in the dialog box I will be subscribed, so it defies the purpose of the dialog box.

In other words, if some user decides to unsubscribe, and does so, but then clears the cache on his Chrome, he will be automatically re-subscribed to the notifications and he will not have the chance to choose not to subscribe. I think this is an obvious bug.

  1. In Firefox the notifications also don’t work as expected. If I just close Firefox and start it again (without clearing the cache), and then visit my blog, I will see “Thanks for subscribing!” message being displayed for a short time. Why is this necessary? The cache hasn’t been cleared, nothing has changed, and yet the user gets notified he’s been subscribed every time he starts his Firefox. Also, any messages that have been sent while Firefox was closed, and up to the point when I start it again and revisit my blog, will be ignored and not delivered.

  2. The notifications are displayed for an indefinite amount of time, and they remain displayed on the screen until the user clicks them. Is there a way to make them disappear after several seconds?

  3. I use a plugin called WPTouch to generate the mobile-friendly version of my site. That plugin also makes AMP pages of my blog. In the beginning, I let Wonderpush push notifications on my AMP pages, but then Google Search Console complained that there was a “Script code” on those AMP pages that “wasn’t used”. It turned out it was Wonderpush code. I had to disable Wonderpush on AMP pages to please Google. Is there a way to make it work properly on AMP pages?

I would really like to continue to use your service and I think it’s great. But these bugs really need to be resolved because they can be counted among the things that represent the basic functionality of the plugin and this push service. Visitors must have a way to unsubscribe and not be automatically subscribed again without their consent.

By the way, I use Manjaro Linux and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. I’ve noticed similar issues on my Android phone with the same browsers.

Can you please help me resolve these issues?

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
1&2. When you unsubscribe by the bell icon, your installation is marked as soft opt-out. At push time, soft opt-out installations are removed from the list of subscribers.
But in reality, the permission given to the browser is still there because it can only be removed via the browser or by clicking on the settings wheel in a push when it is displayed on the screen.
When you clear the browsing data, you remove the installation id that makes the bridge between your browser and the installation server side. You don’t say explicitely that you want to revoke push permission.
If you revisit your website, the sdk recreates a very new installation with a new push token.
3. We do not expose this feature via the dashboard (we will do it later). But you can add this
in the payload override form (advanced tab of the notification form)
4. Have you read this documentation ?

Please prefer direct dialog with us by chat for this kind of questions.