Web push fields config

I’m trying to create a web push notification through a post to https://management-api.wonderpush.com/v1/deliveries

My config & payload:

Site name: ‘Something else’

notification: {
alert: {
title: ‘this is the title’,
text: ‘this is the text’,
targetUrl: ‘’,
web: {
body: ‘This is the body’ // Overrides the text

It seems regardless of how i configure it, I always get the site name (configured in the WP ui) as the title, then ‘wonderpush.com’, then my ‘title’ and ‘text’ (or body) combined as the main message:

I want to override both the site name and what field “wonderpush” is set in

Is this forum dead guys? 4 days is a long time to wait for a reply

Looking to switch to another provider if i can’t get this sorted quickly

Hey Edward,

sorry for the late reply. We are mostly focused on our chat these days, the little widget that you’ll find in the lower right corner of your dashboard. We are there to chat directly with you.

You are using a notification domain in *.by.wonderpush.com, so there is no getting rid of the wonderpush.com on the 2nd line of the notification. See our documentation on the notification domain:

As for the title of the notification, I can’t seem to reproduce the behavior you’re describing.
Would you be kind enough to provide a curl command stripping out the access token (please do not post your access token here) ?

Thanks for the reply @stephane, i see what you mean about the domain, so that’s fine i can change that.

How about the title though, does that always have to be set to the site title configured in the admin area, or can i override it via the api?

(I’ll try to replicate using curl and let you know about that)


Hi Edward,

Because Mac OS X cuts the yourwebsite.by from the yourwebsite.by.wonderpush.com that you are using, the SDK ensures that your identity is well visible by putting your website name first, and prepends the text with the title of the notification (if you defined a title).

If your website is HTTPS-enabled, I strongly encourage you to use your own custom domain, which would both remove wonderpush.com in favor of your own domain, and leave the notification title above, where it belongs.


Ah ok thanks, so switch to own domain and the problem should go away it sounds. Thanks

Does everything work with localhost, for local development?

It works in the “cross-domain” way when the user is not browsing directly the chosen domain.
That is, it opens a popup to take the user to the chosen domain and asks him the system permission there, resuming normal browsing in the end.
This makes no difference in the way you integrate or use the SDK.