Subscribed users not showing on dashboard

I’ve followed all the instructions for setting up and sending notifications, built my app on XCode, and when I run it on a device, it correctly requests the user for permission to send notifications. After granting the permission, I can’t find my device under the list of subscribers on the wonderpush dashboard. Am I doing something wrong? My code is simple: it looks like this (after all necessary imports and no errors):

this.platform.ready().then(() => {

After subscribing thus, I believe the subscriber should display on my dashboard, shouldn’t they? I’m not using the free trial, and I’ve got no pending invoices.


Can you check the client id and client secret you gave when adding the plugin are correct?
You can find them package.json or plugins/fetch.json.

The installation should show up in the dashboard around 15s after launching the application, even before accepting the permission.

If this doesn’t help, I would need to see the logs to help you any further.
You can also activate logs either by calling:


or by adding the --variable LOGGING=true variable when adding the plugin (along with the client id and client secret).

Note that you probably need to remove the plugin before re-adding it, using the following command:

cordova plugin rm wonderpush-cordova-sdk --variable CLIENT_ID= --variable CLIENT_SECRET=