'Subscribe to push notifications' action is not working on in app


i was testing out the features on the web dashboard on the sample ’ CARD[Subscribe to push notifications]’ . i enabled it and tried clicking on it when it pops up on my website.

it does show click count but i don’t see it being subscribed into the push notification list

am i missing something?

Thanks for contacting us. I’ve taken a look at your site and seen your in-app. I’ve noticed that you are triggering a Native subscription prompt in your web settings. When this prompt is triggered, pushing the “Subscribe” button of your in-app will have no effect.

I would recommend turning off the Native subscription prompt in favor of in-apps.

Kind regards,


hmm , not sure what i did wrong . i disabled the native subscription. and made some changes to the sample in app message and still couldn’t work…

getting a headache on this… hope you could help… i don’t mind if you were to make changes to my account since i am in testing phase anyway…

Hey, please contact us on the chat.