Service worker: skipWaiting() in install is causing problem


First of all thanks for your good notification service.

I have a PWA with my own ServiceWorker.
I have a “refresh” button to manually update my application.
(it’s a common workflow for handling update on a PWA).

After adding wonderpush SW in mine (follow docs.wonderpush.**/docs/service-worker-integration) my application and my SW is updated automaticaly…

It’s because of the skipWaiting() called in the install setup here:
=> wonderpush.min.js

I don’t think that calling always / automatically skipWaiting() on the install is a good thing, it break update for some app and it can be dangerous.
See this excellent article about this:

Do you have a solution to prevent this ?

You can see complementary infos on PWA update here:


Thanks a lot.