Segment users with conditionnal statement from my website

I have an app where users want to receive notification when someone else post a project, but only if this project match certain criteria.

Would it be possible to had a conditionnal statement that check a boolean already determined in my app and then send the notification if boolean is true?

I think about custom fields but i’m not sure.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Antoine,

If I understand properly, when someone does something in your product your backend will trigger the delivery of a notification to all installation that is interested in this type of action.

That is:

  • The installations declare their interests
  • Your backend triggers the delivery
  • The delivery targets all the installations that corresponds to some criteria

You can very well have the interests provided as installation custom fields and use a parameterized notification to dynamically match the corresponding criteria.
There are typically 2 kind of custom fields used: string and bool.
You can have the installations list the “kind” of projects they are interested in: string_projectTypes: ["tech", "art"].
You can also use a few bool fields: bool_projectIndie: true, bool_charity: false.

You would then create a segment with the following criterion: [Installation custom field (string)] [is equal to] [{{type}}] in field [string_projectTypes].
Or like this: [Installation custom field (bool)] [is] [True] in field [bool_projectIndie].
You can even use parameters in the custom fields names: bool_project{{projectBoolField}}.

Here is how to use Parameterized segments.
You can also look at this topic: Combine segments.


Thank you very much Olivier, I’m getting more and more familiar with the API management and the dashboard!
But those explanation are great :+1: