[SDK] [iOS] Release v1.2.2.1



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  • Split extension pod subspec into its own pod: WonderPushExtension to fix integration with use_frameworks!
  • Avoid 10s delay and stange log on iOS 10 and deeplinks
  • New sync algorithm: Fixes issues when setting properties at the very first launch, and more robust
  • Support at notification reception actions
  • Debugging: Allow to override notification receipt locally, using data notifications
  • Debugging: Allow to override setLogging() locally, using data notifications
  • Add actions to act on the new sync algorithm for better SDK-server synchronization
  • Avoid spurious @APP_OPEN on background SDK interactions
  • Fix date encoding and decoding when saving/restoring previous user data
  • Better logs


Although this is a bugfix release, the SDK integration had to be changed slightly for the Notification Service Extension in order to fix a bug when integrating the SDK while using use_frameworks! in your Podfile.

The new Podfile content for your Notification Service Extension should be:

target 'NotificationServiceExtension' do
    pod 'WonderPushExtension', '~> 2.2'

The new Objective C include should be (same for the Swift bridging header):

#import <WonderPushExtension/NotificationServiceExtension.h>

The new Swift import should be:

import WonderPushExtension