[SDK] [Android] Release v3.1.0

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  • Implement tags manipulation functions
  • Handle addTag/removeTag/removeAllTags button actions
  • Facilitate manipulation of properties
  • Handle addProperty/removeProperty button actions
  • Report global and per channel notification os blocks. Users that disable push notifications in the OS settings will be reported as soft opt-out.
  • Report timezone, locale and application updates
  • Do not force notification title from Android 5 onward


We’ve created multiple helper methods to help you work with installation properties, they will simplify your application code, check them out:

  • setProperty()
  • unsetProperty()
  • addProperty()
  • removeProperty()
  • getPropertyValue()
  • getPropertyValues()

We’ve also created a simplified version of the installation properties, called tags.
They are mere labels that you can add or remove to the installation with no hassle:

  • addTag()
  • removeTag()
  • removeAllTags()
  • hasTag()
  • getTags()