[SDK] [Android] Release v3.0.0

GitHub release
Integration guide
Upgrade guide


  • Migrated to Firebase, dropped GCM
  • Completely overhauled integration, with automatic initialization, Firebase integration reuse
  • No need for WonderPushInitializerImpl anymore, thanks to the automatic initialization. This means less code! See the integration guide for more
  • Some methods were renamed. See the upgrade guide for more
  • setRequiresUserConsent()/setUserConsent() to freeze the WonderPush SDK until user provides consent, if you opt for this strict mode
  • GDPR methods to download and clear data.
  • Collect Advertising ID only if dependency is linked to the project
  • Removed collection of some device capabilities that were not useful

Howdy v3! What happened to v2?

We have dropped the leading 1. in the version number. It was meant to identify the version of the API the SDK was build to work against, but in practice it only made the numbering longer and made less obvious that we follow semantic versioning.
Version 1.2.x.y was the v2 of the SDK, in semantic versioning lingo, while version 1.1.x.y was v1.

What are the breaking changes?

Migrating to Firebase made us drop classes that were no longer used, and we took the opportunity to remove some things while we were bumping to v3.
That said, we’ve deprecated some functions and changed the integration while providing a clear and easy upgrade path instead of bluntly breaking things and calling it a v3.

Refer to the upgrade guide for more information.