[SDK] [Android] Release v1.2.1.0

GitHub release
Integration guide


  • Update to Google Play Services GCM 8.4.0 for better push token renewal
  • Fix use of reflection without matching Proguard rules
  • Reduce number of network calls in case of push token renewal and application update
  • Report device country and currency
  • Permit auto dropping a notification received in foreground
  • Support omitting notification reception event
  • Fix small mistake in influenced app open measurement
  • Do not show data notifications that mimic an alert
  • Fix OpenUDID setup
  • Deprecate WonderPushBroadcastReceiver


If you use a custom BroadcastReceiver for Handling your own notifications, as previously advised in the guide, please check your setup, and migrate to a GcmListenerService like advised from now on.