[SDK] [Android] Release v1.1.1.0

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  • Properly free WebView resources once dismissed
  • Resolve a GCM warning log when properly receiving a notification
  • Function to enable logs at runtime
  • Robust and ubiquitous exception handling – should never make your application crash!
  • Properly wait for OpenUDID readiness
  • Fix race condition when saving offline requests
  • Cache calls for a week, to reduce network usage
  • Better filter geolocations to only report useful ones
  • Soft opt-out
  • Exponential backoff in offline mode, to reduce battery consumption
  • Getters for userId, installationId, deviceId, pushToken
  • Data notification are now properly handled
  • Show simple push notification as heads up if app in foreground
  • Handle updateInstallation button action
  • Handle actions on notification open
  • Proper parent activity stack when starting the default activity
  • Deep linking


The WonderPushService entry in your AndroidManifest.xml must be updated to include the new <intent-filter> node.

<!-- Required to properly handle deep links and notifications in foreground -->
    android:label="Push Notification service">
        <action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
        <data android:scheme="wonderpush" />