Rest API: Statistics

Hi there,

when I create a new notification via PHP lib, I receive a notification ID. So far, so good.

How can I get the statics on how many notifications have been sent or opened for this specific notification ID?


only returns an empty result for me: {“data”:[]}

Also one more question: Is it planned to create a new campaign via API? We would appreciate if we could track on which notifications have been send and how they look.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Chris,

You if you want statistics for a single notificationId, you must give the associated campaignId. Use:

$wonderpush->rest()->get(‘stats/events', [
    'campaignIds'     => '@NONE', // or use the actual campaignId
    'notificationIds' =>' 01e3uc61scpbd2o1’,

This feature request is identified, with currently relatively low value, and is not part of our roadmap.
Considering you can send notifications using the API, creating a campaign only keeps the added value of scheduling notifications; automating an automation in a sense.

We will add the list of the last notifications sent per campaign in our dashboard in this coming quarter!


Hello olivier, thank you very much!