Remove wonderpush-worker-loader.min.js redirect

Hi there…I removed Wonderpush a while back after testing, however, I have just noticed that the 404 for [wonderpush-worker-loader.min.js] keeps appearing even after I have deleted it. How can I remove this?


The chat in your WonderPush dashboard is the preferred way to get support.

You are seeing this because your existing subscribers have a service worker registered in their browser using this URL.

The easiest fix is to put an empty file and you’ll stop seeing a 404.

I understand that your website probably does not use it’s own service worker, so you can alternatively instruct your visitors’ browser to unregister the service worker using the following script:

navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration().then(function(registration) {
    if (registration) registration.unregister();

Combining the two ideas, you can instruct the Service Worker to unregister itself by simply putting the following line in the /wonderpush-worker-loader.min.js file: