One post for 2 questions


So i just implement Wonderpush on my landing page and i have 2 issues.

-> The first one is on Chrome, on the console part i have the same error that append a lot, you can see that on the screenshot. BTW i’m on the last chrome version. and after a while Chrome take a large amount of ressources of my mac.

-> The second question, i want to only display the validation question with this code but i have the 2 boxes. Do you see the error on the code ?

Thanks for your answers


Hi Paul,

For the first question, this should only happen if you clear all your storage while still browsing your WonderPush enabled website.
The good news is that even if it’s quite a specific case, we’ve fixed it so you should never experience this again.

For the second question, you simply forgot so disable the default optin-dialog plugin using:

plugins: {
  'optin-dialog': null,