Notifications not working

Hi, I am using the 14-day free trial and implemented the JS and SDK files correctly, the bell is in the bottom left and I can subscribe with the default pop-up, but I have the following issues:

Website settings

  1. Subscription bell - call to action text stays at default and will not use the custom text I entered.
  2. HTML dialogue - not showing


  1. Default welcome updated message not showing.
  2. Created notification - fired 3 times and received no messages, I have already subscribed.

Any help would be good.

The html file below does not work with a check.


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Hi Paul,

When changing the web settings, it takes up to 12h for a previous visitor to take them into account.
A new visitor should however directly see the up-to-date configuration.
We recommend using a new profile for testing as a new user.
Please see the related documentation section.

It looks like you’re not receiving any notification.
Please check this section of the documentation.
If you’re using Chrome, please also check this section.

Can you please contact us using the chat widget in your dashboard for any remaining matters.