Multi domain setup deduplication of notifications

Hi guys.

I have been testing multi-domain setup.

Is there a way to target all users by tag but prevent duplication of user/notifications?
for eg: at the moment i have subscribed to 2 sites ( and

I have a general segment that targets all users.

And when i fire notification i get 2 of them.

I have tried setting pressure management on notification but it doesn’t seem to help.

So what is the best way to handle this?

kind regards

Hi Vjeran,

This is the downside of the multi-domain approach.
It regroups different subscribers into a single project, but it acts exactly as if you had setup multiple separate projects, each with its unique subscribers, only with a single dashboard for ease of use.
This is why it’s important to tag your users, to be able to talk to them separately, and to avoid broadcast communications.


thanks for your reply and honesty