Most effective way of using Wonderpush across multiple domains

Hey guys

I’m looking for the best way to deploy Wonderpush across multiple sites, but with just one list.

Will it work to store the SDK files on one domain, and use that as the base domain for authentication purposes, while collecting opt-ins on different domains. We’re a multilingual store, with a top level domain for each country.

Hope y’all can help figure out this pickle.


Hi Bjørn,

You have 2 possibilities:

  1. Have your subscribers subscribe to a single domain, no matter the domain they are browsing.

    This will use a popup to direct your users to the chosen domain. You can choose the domain where you have the most traffic as the notification domain so the users browsing this domain benefit from the native experience without the popup.

    No matter the domain browsed by the user, it will be recognized as opted in everywhere.

    This is called cross-domain subscription, and it’s automatic.

  2. Split your website into multiple different websites but keep them all gathered inside a single WonderPush project.

    This will ensure native opt-in user experience on all domains, but it will treat each domains as a completely separate website. So if a user has opted-in to, he won’t be opt-in to, and opting in to the latter will create 2 separate pushable installations, both inside the same project.

    You’ll want to properly tag your users to be able to differenciate them later-on, and probably avoid project-wide broadcast communication.

    We call it multi-domain, and requires a bit of additional integration:

    1. Host the 2 files required for HTTPS integration on every domain.

    2. Add the customDomain: "https://www.yoursite.XX/" to the call to WonderPush.push(['init', {…}]);, next to the webKey.
      Use the domain the user is currently browsing.

    3. Tag your users accordingly to segment them later on: WonderPush.push(function(){ WonderPush.addTag("yoursite-XX"); });