Is geolocation working correctly on Android?


I have some problems with “geolocation: true” in the Wonderpush initialization on mobile browsers on an Android 8.0.0 phone.
The Wonderpush integration itself works fine.

Both browsers are up to date today (2020-08-17).

On Firefox:

It shows the message:
Allow x to use your location?

I can choose Block or Allow

If I press either I will receive the same request for location again.
I receive it twice, but can continue to the site afterward.

On Chrome:

x wants to use your device’s location

I can choose Block or Allow

If I choose either I receive the message:
“Another app is displaying over Chrome
To change the permission for this site, close the other app and try again (…)”.

Is it just my specific phone, or is geolocation bugged?


Hi Nikolai,

Firefox has the option to remember the given permission. This is rather unique as other browsers don’t work this way and even Firefox does not work this way for all permissions.

As for the message on Chrome, I believe this is due to another Android application on your device, such as a password manager for instance.


Hi olivier,

Thanks for the answer.
Does this mean that it is expected behavior to ask for location twice, if the browser isn’t configured to remember the answer? (on mobile devices)