Ionic 5 & android problem after use capacitor


I evaluate wonder push for a newspaper project, I’m developing an app with Ionic 5 & capacitor.
I’m following the guide
But, after sync, android studio shows the next message:
/Users/user/Projects/package.json (No such file or directory)
Like if is searching outside my project, the path of my project is /Users/user/Projects/jornada

If a edit gradle file under node module to find the correct file, Android shows me
/Users/User/Projects/package.json (No such file or directory)

¿So, Do I missing something? ¿Could help me please?


The guide you’re pointing at has automatically generated instructions that we cannot modify.
The integration guide is here : Ionic Quickstart Guide.

Unfortunately we do not support Capacitor yet, only the Cordova backend.