Installation.custom is empty


I’m trying to send a notification, and I am attempting to use the user’s first name.
I set them as properties from the FE:

if (my?.id && _enabled) {
	wonderPush.push(['setProperty', 'string_firstName', my.first_name])
	wonderPush.push(['setProperty', 'string_lastName', my.last_name])
	wonderPush.push(['setProperty', 'string_email',])
	if (profile) {
		wonderPush.push(['setProperty', 'string_gender', profile.gender])

When I check the properties on the user, they seem to work properly:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 15.13.39

And the notification text is this:

{{ installation.custom.string_firstName | default:"Dear traveler" }}, we want to make sure you are okay!

When it is being sent, the firstName part NEVER works.
I am sending using the /deliveries endpoint, and I am using campaignId and targetUserIds to target the appropriate users with the proper notification.


Are you using notificationParams at the same time by any chance?


Yes I do, does that inherently block installation custom properties from being parsed?
If so, is there a workaround to also send specific data (e.g. dynamic field such as product ID) alongside installation properties (e.g. first name)?

For now I am spreading into multiple calls and sending different user data alongside the notification params.


We’ve fixed the issue.
Can you test to confirm?


Hi olivier,

Now they don’t seem to be sending at all via the REST API - here is my request (obfuscated), no notification is passing through though:


Body (POST):

{'campaignId': '<campaignId>', 'notificationParams': {'some_id': 1, 'some_other_id': 1, 'user': {'id': 18, 'first_name': '<name>', 'last_name': '<name>', 'middle_name': None, 'image_url': '<url>'}}, 'targetUserIds': 18}

The same notification works via manual trigger through UI, but not through API.

Hi @olivier, we still can’t seem to get them working, can you verify what’s wrong with the request?

The same one seemed to have worked before.

Removing user from the notificationParams or leaving only campaignId and targetUserIds didn’t change that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

For the record, both issues OP has been facing were solved using the chat on our dashboard, which allows for a more timely and interactive problem resolution experience.
I’m going to close this topic.