I need your help for a project that will use wonderpush

Hello, this is my situation.

I’m developing a wordpress site with woocommerce and an App using Siberian CMS that integrate the wordpress site using iframes. I’ve done that and it works perfectly.

What I’d need to do is to give the user the possibility to send push notifications to the app Android and iOS users through wordpress. The user have to login the wordpress Admin and be able to send push notifications to everyone so it has just one control panel (the wordpress one) and not even enter the wonderpush dashboard to send them.

I hope it’s all clear but if there’s something not clear please write me since I’ve to find a solution for this and I like to use wonderpush and not another solution.

Before wonderpush I used onesignal and the onesignal wordpress plugin had the possibility to write a simple push message and send it to all the subscriber. I think wonderpush is far better but in the wordpress plugin I’ve not found this possibility.

I’ve to do many of these apps and I’d like to use wonderpush for all the app I’ll do.

Thank you very much


You should use our Management API to trigger the delivery of a push notification from your admin panel.
You can use our PHP library to help you do so: https://github.com/wonderpush/wonderpush-php-lib.
The sample in the readme will help you do just that.