How to reengage users that abandoned their carts?



You are an ecommerce website or application and wish to reengage users left their cart abandoned before they churn and forget about your brand.

The solution is to note the last interaction with their cart and automate a notification, while making sure that users won’t be notified unduly if they proceeded to the checkout.

The example code here is shown for websites, but the solution applies as well to mobile applications.

Each time a new item is added to the cart:

WonderPush.ready(function(WonderPushSDK) {
        "date_lastCartUpdate" : new Date(),

Once the cart has been checkout:

WonderPush.ready(function(WonderPushSDK) {
        "date_lastCartUpdate" : null,

We null out the field to make sure that the user won’t match.

Create a notification:

  1. In the Trigger step, choose Behavior
  2. Compose your message
  3. In the Target step, use the following segment:
    Installation Custom Field (date) is older than 1 day in field date_lastCartUpdate
  4. Save your notification
  5. On the notifications list, flip the switch ON.

You users will now receive a single notification 1 day after the last action on their cart.
If they come back and add another item, they will receive a notification again.
Once the user checks out its cart, he won’t receive other notification until later starts shopping again.
If however they never come back, they won’t receive any other notification.
You can create another notification with a longer delay like 3 days to send another notification if you wish.