How to delete a user for testing?


what is the best way to delete a user for testing?

I want to see the dialogs and behaviour just like a new/unknown user?

Is this possible? What do I have to do for this (for example: clear cache / local storage)?

Or is the solution to visit the website in incognito view?

Thanks for some help with this!

Best regards,


Hi Timo,

The simplest way to test as a new user is to create a new profile.
See Testing as a new user in the docs.

You can also request the SDK to remove all data by typing the following command in the browser:


This will remove the installation, events and user from the dashboard.
Note that this will not remove the browser permission, so at the next page reload the SDK will opt the user back in without prompt. You can manually reset the notification permission by clicking the lock icon in the address bar.
Using a new profile is usually the easiest option.


Great - thanks for the link and help with this!