How to automate push notifications from RSS using Zapier?



You have an RSS feed exposing new content you publish and wish to automatically trigger a new push notification whenever a new item shows up in your feed.

Let’s use Zapier for that automation and make it call the WonderPush Management API for the actual delivery.

Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.

Setup your zap

We have created a Zapier app to make it dead simple to integrate with WonderPush.
However this app is temporarily available by invite only.

Click here to get your invite

Once you’re in, you can use the Zap template we’ve specifically crafted for you:

Send WonderPush notifications for new items on an RSS feed

You just have to drop your RSS URL and connect with your WonderPush account by giving the Management API access token and Application ID you can find in the Settings / Configuration page under the Management API tab.

Old way - Using webhooks

  1. Log in or create a free account.

  2. Click on Make a zap!, an orange button in the top of the page.

  3. Choose the RSS by Zapier trigger app.

  4. Select the New Item in Feed trigger, and click Save + Continue.

  5. Fill your RSS feed URL, and click Continue.

  6. Read the next screen and click Fetch & Continue.

  7. The next screen should say Test Successful!.
    Click view your item and locate the name of a few fields:

    • title
    • description
    • link

    They should contain plain text values and be relatively short, ~200 characters is fine. Do not use a field that is ~2000 character long like content can be, nor a field that contains HTML tags, like the raw__ fields.

  8. Choose the Webhooks by Zapier action app.

  9. Choose the POST action, and click Save + Continue.

  10. Fill the fields:

    • Fill URL with:

      Get your own access token in the dashboard in the Settings / Configuration menu, under the Management API tab

    • Select Json as Payload Type.

    • Fill the Data section with the following:

      • Attention: In Zapier, the field names use two consecutive underscores to denote a JSON nest field.
      • targetSegmentIds with @ALL
      • notification__alert__title with the Title of the feed item.
      • notification__alert__text with the Description of the feed item.
      • notification__alert__targetUrl with the Link of the feed item.

      Here is an example of how to fill a data field with an item value: Write the data field name, and click the right button with the lines of text and the little circled +, then search for the appropriate item value and click it.

      Once filled it looks like this:

    • Make sure that Unflatten is yes.

    In this example we used the segment @ALL so everybody will get the notification. You can change that by creating a segment in the dashboard and using its identifier there. We offer advanced segmentation criteria and have a powerful way of combining them, check out the docs.

    To better track statistics, you can bind the deliveries to a campaign you created in the dashboard. Read the campaign identifier and simply fill it inside a new campaignId field in the Data section.

    Click Continue.

  11. Click Skip Test.

    If you wish to test, go back to the previous step and change the value you gave to targetSegmentIds to use a segment with only your team’s devices, then click Send Test To Webhooks By Zapier. You should get the following answer, and the WonderPush notification:

  12. Click Finish.

  13. You should see a screen saying Ready to turn on your zap? followed by Your zap is OFF with a switch.
    Click to switch it on. You should see the following screen:

    You are done!

Remember: Don’t spam your users with too many notifications by using the Pressure Management feature in the used campaign.
Think of notifications as a service you deliver to your users, and offer them a way to opt into multiple categories to follow, and bind the corresponding RSS feeds to the segments matching the corresponding subscribed users with our advanced segmentation, like Parameterized segments for instance.

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