How do I delete all installations within a segment?


I have Wonderpush installed on my website. I really appreciate your web interface since I’m not a programmer. I have created segments and notifications, and everything is working great but I’m struggling with one issue: I need to clean up my list of subscribers.

Is there a way I can delete all installations that are within a segment?

Thank you in advance

Hi Pusherman,

We are working hard on this subject in order to give a way to delete installations directly from the dashboard. But for now, you can delete subscribers only using our API.
Here is what I suggest you:

  1. Create a segment “Subscribers to delete” via the dashboard. Ensure to use the relevant rules to define it. I recommend last activity is older than 6 month.

Please note:
-push notifications are also made for reengaging your subscribers when they are not active. So it may be smart to specifically target this segment by sending them a special offer or attractive information.
-the users who are unsubscribe / or block your push will be automatically removed from your subscribers list.

  1. Delete the users included in this segment using the API:
    To do so, you must: