Help to install the TAG Switch


On this topic here How to propose an opt-in by categories of my site? @Frederic_Mahe says

WonderPush offers the users who visit your website the opportunity to subscribe only to the categories of their desires.

That is a great feature, and I need help to install it. So this is just the beginning of a long tutorial for DIY :grin:.

First if I go there I am told :

Log in to your WonderPush dashboard and head over to the Settings / Configuration page in the left menu. Select the Website tab and use this plugin. (available soon)

Q1 : is the plugin avalilable yet ? I installed WonderPush for wordpress Version 1.6.2 on my boutique, is it the one we are talking about ?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi, tag switches are available out of the box. Just follow this documentation for wordpress:

or this one for all typical websites:

Out of the box are all the spare parts, yet setting the whole thing definitely requires skills. Do you have a market place where I can hire a technician ?