Flutter: How to send notification on time, that user has specified?


I need functionality to implement reminders for user. User configures time for reminders himself. How can I implement such reminders with Wonderpush ?


For programmatic notifications, you can use the deliveryTime parameter of the POST /v1/deliveries end-point to specify the desired date of delivery.
You must not give a date more than 24h in the future.

Otherwise, a simple solution is to use some kind of cron job on your server’s side to schedule the API call to trigger at the desired time.

You also have the possibility of using a behavioral notification that targets users with the following rule:

Note: This segment is crafted to only match users whose date_reminder property is between 0 and 1 minute in the past, so that you won’t notify older reminders when you enable this notification.

From your application make the SDK give the reminder date using:

// You gave give an ISO 8601 date or a Unix timestamp in milliseconds,
// like new Date().getTime() does in JavaScript.
WonderPush.setProperty("date_reminder", "2021-01-01T00:00:00.000Z");