[Feature] Collapsing notifications

We have released the ability to control notification collapsing on iOS, completing the feature already available on Android and the Web.

By default, notifications sent inside a given campaign will update one-another, in order to avoid stacking up in the user’s device.
We’ve been proposing the ability to manually control collapsing on Android and Web since a long time, but our implementation was lacking support for iOS… until today!

In the Management API, in the notification parameter of the POST /v1/deliveries call – parameter whose format reference is available here – accepted an alert.android.tag and alert.web.tag field. It now accepts an alert.ios.tag fields to complete the set, as well as the global alert.tag field to rule them all.

We will be exposing this feature from the dashboard soon.

A good use case is to assign a unique tag to a unique topic you might send multiple notifications updates about, like the live score of an ongoing match, or live updates about a breaking news.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with this new tool!