Different questions about subscription dialog


I’m testing with the subscription dialog and have some different questions about it:

1.) How can I force to display the subscription dialog on every request? I tried with negativeSnooze: false and triggers: { snooze: 0 } but the subscription dialog is not displayed again.

2.) If a user already has done subscribe/unsubscripe - is the subscription dialog displayed in this case (when user is unsubscribed) too or just to new/unknown users?

3.) Is it possible to display the subscription dialog just on a special page/url?

4.) Is it right that a click on the negative-button in the subscription dialog does not unsubscribe an active subscription?

Thanks for some help with this!

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Hi Timo,

  1. This should do it:
WonderPush.push(['init', {
    subscriptionDialog: {
       hidePoweredBy: true,
       title: "Would you like to subscribe to push notifications?",
       message: "You can always unsubscribe at any time.",
       positiveButton: "Subscribe",
       negativeButton: "Later",
       closeSnooze: 0,
       negativeSnooze: 0,
       triggers: {
           snooze: 0,
  1. No, using the triggers to display the dialog won’t have it shown if the user is already opt-in.
    Using WonderPush.showSubscriptionDialog() will, however.

  2. Use the instructions of this how-to: How to manually control when to display the opt-in dialog on my site?

  3. The negative button dismisses the dialog, with a default snooze of 7 days, but does not unsubscribe the user.


Hi Oliver,

thanks for your reply. I have different re-questions about the points.

1.) I tried your code but the subscription dialog is not displayed again to the user (after he has unsubscribed).

But with the code-example from How to manually control when to display the opt-in dialog on my site? it worked.

WonderPush.push(function() {
                WonderPush.isSubscribedToNotifications().then(function(isSubscribedToNotifications) {
                    if (!isSubscribedToNotifications) {

Is there also a way to get kind of snooze in this function?

2.) But what is with the subscription dialog if the user is unsubscribed? Is there a setting to show it again in this case?

3.) I don’t understand the link because I don’t find a manually option in the settings. Can you explain where I can find this?

4.) Ok - thanks for this.

Thanks for some help!

Best regards,


Hi Timo,

  1. See the following answer.

  2. The optin triggers are designed to only appear if the user is not subscribed yet. If he has blocked notifications or manually unsubscribed, he won’t be bugged again.

  3. Sorry, the dashboard UI changed since this post was made. I’ve updated it:

    1. Go to your WonderPush dashboard . In the Settings page, click the Website platform.
    2. Switch OFF the HTML dialog option under the Subscription prompts block.
      Please allow up to 12h for the setting to be taken into account in our various caching layers.