CORDOVA SDK error calling native method: Missing Command Error

I’m new in Cordova and I’d like to ask for help.
I have Vue JS project. It works pretty well with Website SDK

WonderPush.isSubscribedToNotifications().then(x => {console.log(x)})
Promise { : “pending” }

Now I’m trying to build Android app. I added Cordova into my existing project (vue add cordova). I added Android and Browser platform. I setup it according to “Cordova Push Notifications” guide.
Android app seems to be ok but I’m not sure about Wonderpush part.
I’m testing wonderpush-cordova-sdk on cordova browser platform. When I try to execute anything within Wonderpush object I got error.

WonderPush.isSubscribedToNotifications() returns
Error: exec proxy not found for :: WonderPushPlugin :: isSubscribedToNotifications
[WonderPush] error calling native method: Missing Command Error

I’m not able to get any info or set anything regarding Wonderpush. eg. addTag() etc.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Could you please help me ?



I believe you’re using our Cordova plugin on a website, not a mobile application.
This setup is currently not supported.


Hi, thx for response.
I really don’t care about website in Cordova. Main purpose of using Cordova for me is mobile app.
I just tried website (browser platform) because it’s easier to debug.
So if I understand correctly it should work on mobile app (Android, iOS) without problem ?