Cordova: Provisioning profile does not match bundle ID

I’m building for iOS using Cordova. Here’s how I set up WonderPush in config.xml:

<plugin name="wonderpush-cordova-sdk">
  <variable name="CLIENT_ID" value="xxx" />
  <variable name="CLIENT_SECRET" value="yyy" />
  <variable name="SENDER_ID" value="zzz" />
  <variable name="REQUIRES_USER_CONSENT" value="true" />

When I build, it fails with this message:

error: Provisioning profile "myapp_Adhoc" has app ID "myApp_id", which does not match the bundle ID "myApp_id.WonderPushNotificationServiceExtension". (in target 'WonderPushNotificationServiceExtension' from project 'MY APP')

Any idea what is going wrong?

Hi George,

Can you open your .xcworkspace in Xcode, select each target in turn and in the first tabs you should see Provisioning Profiles and Xcode should warn you about the issue, with a convenient button to automatically fix it by modifying the provisioning profile itself.
Click that button, and the error should go away.


@olivier, thanks for responding.

I’m working completely through Cordova in a headless server environment. I don’t have access to Xcode directly.