Can I remove the words "Powered by WonderPush" in Push Notification Prompt

HI Team,

Can I remove the words “Powered by WonderPush” at the left bottom corner in message box from picture if I purchase Starter package?
Like this picture:

Cause it was quite sensitive on some case. Or can guide me to customize the detail of message box. Please help.

Thanks a lot!
John Pham

Hello John,

Yes, those words are automatically removed shortly after you’ve subscribed to a paid plan.
You can also choose to use your own HTTPS domain instead of one ending in
Don’t forget to attach your application to your billing account.

Olivier Favre

Hi olivier,

Please urgent help us to remove words “Powerd by WonderPush” showed at first notification message as below picture:

WEBKEY: 7be09f084f0ba8ab5546b4457c47acfa49ddef0a5da4c1702d8aed8263b92f2a

Also We attached this project using Starter Plan.

Or help us to prevent that message box (Pic 1) and just prompt to ask box(Pic 2) like this:
(Attached with next discuss, after this thread.)

No need to prompt the message box Pic 1.

Thanks and regards,

This is the Picture 2:

(Attached the second picture since website not allowed new user post 2 pictures in the same thread)


Hi John,

The label is removed automatically within 12 hours, as like any configuration changes from the dashboard, there are caches involved.

I can confirm that it is now removed.

After 1h maximum of server-side caching, if you want to force refreshing the configuration of the JavaScript SDK, simply do: WonderPush.ready(function(WonderPushSDK) { WonderPushSDK.Developer.invalidateConfig(); }); and reload the page.