2 newbie questions

Just started testing wonderpush, i intend to use it with Alpha Anywhere.
In the meantime, i am just testing through the web dashboard. I created a test project and am playing with it to see it’s basic functionality as a start.
I have two questions/issues:

  1. iOS (iPhone) does not show any notification, nor subscription request
    Didn’t see Safari in the list of supported browsers, so installed chrome in iPhone, but still no subscription request popup, couldn’t find any way to send notifications to the iphone

  2. Web site folders
    My apps run as: www.mysite.com/customer1 or www.mysite.com/customer2 etc…but when creating a project i can only specify www.mysite.com . Is there some mechanism that lets me differentiate customer1 from customer2?

Many thanks!

Hi Jaime,

Unfortunately, iOS does not support Web push notifications, no matter which browser you’re using.
You’ll need to use an application in order to send push notifications to iDevices.

What does www.mysite.com/customer1 and www.mysite.com/customer2 correspond to?

  1. Do they correspond to separate websites, each having multiple visitors and they should act as a separate website?
  2. Or do they correspond to some kind of private lobby inside your website where essentially one visitor would wander?

In case 1, you’re probably better off using multiple projects, assuming you won’t have a number of customer that varies too quickly (project creation is a manual step on purpose).
You’ll need to use separate service worker scopes in order to make the subscriptions independent in order to work properly.
Place the service worker inside each of the customer1/ and customer2/ folders, and in the second page of the web settings in the dashboard specify this path, each being unique per project.
Depending on your integration type, this may not be available.
You’re better off using multiple website domains in this scenario anyway.

In case 2, simply use a single project and add the userId initialization option to better distinguish between users, typically once they’re logged in.


Thanks for the fast answers Olivier.

  1. bummer with iOS not supporting Web push, people are reticent to install additional apps and responsive web apps are the future…add to the pile the difficulties added by Apple since April 1st (im using phonegap when in need to build apps) and there you have a great recipe to turn everybody away from iPhones…

  2. mysite.com/customer1 and …/customer2 are setup as in your case 1, i.e each customer has it’s own visitors ( those are internal apps, the “visitors” are users of my apps ). I thought indeed i would need to build a project for each customer ( there aren’t many ) then always use the www.mysite.com in all projects, while copying the service workers in their respective customer folder.

Anyway, thanks!
I have another question, but i think i will create a new thread for it